Knee Steroid Injection

This video is an example of a common procedure in the orthopedist office; an inter-articular steroid injection of the knee. First, the skin is cleaned well with alcohol and the injection is given just above the knee cap on the outside of the knee. The common injectant is Depo Medrol, a steroid, and a mixture of numbing medication. The goal of the steroid is to reduce inflammation in the knee and to decrease pain associated with osteoarthritis and to help diagnose common knee problems. The numbing medication tells the physician that the injection, and therefore steroid, was given into the correct area and can give a short term relief in pain.

Side effects include pain, slight chance of infection, skin discoloration, flushing of the skin and if you are diabetic may increase your blood sugar levels. Pain relief usually starts one to two weeks after the injection and can last 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the severity of arthritis and other knee problems present.